roast pork in the baby q

  • courtesy of kalbarri butchers, went in for a little roast because my folks were meeting us up there for a night on their way up north, while we were heading home from up north..

    the butcher didn't understand small portions so 3kg later, the poor baby q was almost bulging at the seams... but with strategic placement it fit just fine..

    crackle was great and there lots of it.. fed 4 of us, with left overs to munch on on the drive home..

    just spent 2 weeks up north, karijini, coral bay and kalbarri.. this isn't relevant to the topic, just wanted to tell everyone but you can see the bbq in the photo so i guess it counts...

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    How good does that look ! Gotta love the baby Q.

    I'd also like to see some pics of where you stayed. We have a van too and always looking for a nice place to park. You could put it up in general chat (Chew the Fat). ;)

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  • Looks very nice mate, and I am extremely jealous of your trip!

    I would also be keen on seeing a trip report :cheers:

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  • Someone start a new thread and we can talk about the trip :) I'm too lazy but karijini was amazing

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    old green weber kettle - pro q excel 20 elite

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