Hector Asado, Latin Bar and Grill – A project

  • We have pop-up bars now so it's not impossible as it once was. Hell, we can even sell wine for consumption on or off (or both) the premises. Extraordinary! But the plan is to set up with food first and plan the more arduous and time consuming route of licensing.

    The poppers aren't bad and are best oven baked.

  • So, the saga continues.

    I've been keeping myself busy by buying a 09 Colorado ute, an Apuro Veg prep machine (need it for a gig on the 10th), a Breville Boss blender (cheaper than most of the commercial ones and better reviewed) for salsa and a 7lt Birko stand mixer (almost half the price of the equivalent Kitchenaid).

    Meanwhile trying out different recipes for what I plan on doing. The artist dude has been off at his exhibition so that stood still for a couple of weeks, I am getting the rest of the branding looked at while I'm waiting.

    The trailer is now going to be fully enclosed and I can use it as a prep kitchen too. My barbeque builder wants to build it himself but I'm concerned that time is ticking by and I'll miss the whole summer and autumn. I checked with another builder who can't get anything gas done until September next year but then again, if I just go with an electric fryer no gas needed inside.

    The big sticking point is the design of the trailer, it needs to (I think) have the barbeque outside. While the oven is double skinned and insulated, the parrilla side isn't as with the firebox and I'm concerned it's going to get too damn hot in the summer to be in there with it, regardless of the exhaust. If not I could use something like this. Thoughts anyone?

    Money is less of a sticking point than time now. I might have to put everything on hold and get a job ;( which is not in my plan.

    I'm working through another associated business plan (hell, that's what I do) that still needs a commercial kitchen so I'm feeling a little like I'm stuck in molasses

  • Looks like a good trailer, make sure you get a quite Generator nothing worse than a noisy and smoking gender when you are trying to serve punters.

    Keep the doobie but loose the smoke

    Dont know if you have fire bans in your area worth checking on!

    If you can do it all in the trailer that would be the best I think

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  • I was looking at a Chinese version of a Yamaha 7000 for $1500 but I realised that spending $4k on a quiet reliable pure sine wave gen was better value considering the possible downside.

    I keep hearing support for the doobie. I might have to revisit :-)

    Definitely fire bans which is what was making me look at fully enclosing (or the possibility of it) the barbecue. The firebox is going to generate some decent heat. I'm thinking that the verandah might have to be able to be enclosed for those fireban days

  • Could you mount the bbq on the back of the van mate? Sort of like you see some motocross bikes being transported?

    Wont help for fire bans, and could be a pain in the arse to operate the bugger.

    Pro Smoke offset

    Heeler Tejas Q

  • Could you mount the bbq on the back of the van mate? Sort of like you see some motocross bikes being transported?

    Wont help for fire bans, and could be a pain in the arse to operate the bugger.

    I did look at that but it has a weight somewhere between 500kg and a tonne, depending on the point the fabricator is trying to make at the time and that's hard to add on the back.
    This was the sort of thing I am looking at to solve the heat problem but it adds another $15k to the cost

  • Just had a conversation with the fabricator and it looks like a compromise could be if the barbecue is in a separate room with lift up hatches down that end to allow heat to escape.

    Still doesn't solve the escalating costs though 8|

  • HMMMM dont know what happened images wont load for some reason? sorry my bad link below and see photos

    There was a bit of extra junk in the image link. I deleted everything that came after ".jpg" to fix it.

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  • The uncle chops version is the same as the blue shell. The problem I'm dealing with is the weight of the cue is too heavy for most trailers which requires strengthening and balancing.

    I'm going back to first principles and stripping it back to a barbecue on a trailer with a branded easy-up gazebo out the front.

    A fridge and freezer on the front with a generator in a secure quiet weatherproof box on the drawbar.

    Carry it all in a ute. This means I'm back to finding a kitchen but it's affordable.

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