Hector Asado, Latin Bar and Grill – A project

  • ;(:censored::eek:

    Grant thought my containers were good but hey hail the spice draw king

    I like the labels but the font is not all the same size and they aren't all lined up, again just kidding

    Love that draw

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  • Work (and revenue) has ceased. Studying for final wine exams is keeping me busy until the 10th. But I thought I might look at a fire roasted tomato salsa for the menu. Coincidentally found a way to degrease the smoker racks

  • Mmmmmmm, fire grilled aliens, yum! Please disregard this statement if you are an alien about to invade earth....its a bloody joke!....err...and welcome to our planet :cheers:

    Pro Smoke offset

    Heeler Tejas Q

  • Wine exams are done so that phase is over. No frikken Masters, I've had it. Now full on Hectoring with a list as long as my arm.

    The fabrication of the barbecue is underway and I expect it to be ready in a couple of weeks. The trailer was going to take until the end of February but they would not provide enough information to enable me to do the fitout design and materials ordering, so we had a parting of the ways. Craig from Aromatic Embers was kind enough to put me onto a fabricator who had a 4.8m x 2.4 flat top available and ordered that. The weight of the barbecue on the back required shortening the trailer so it wouldn't tip over.

    However after doing a design rough-out, I realised that I could make this into a walk-in so I'm quickly working on a design for that.

    Still doing menu planning and trying to make stuff attractive and with healthy options to appeal to the other half of the population that likes that sort of thing. I've put an ad on Facebook looking for Latin American grandmothers to make some products for me too.

    Will be driving to Sydney in a week or so to seek out some second hand stainless steel kitchen fitout gear.

    Writing business plans, getting approvals and insurance. All the fun stuff

  • Remember to enjoy the journey mate.

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  • The painful, exasperating but exciting process continues.

    A quick trip to Wangaratta tomorrow and I pick up the trailer. Yay!

    I was hoping to pick up the barbecue as well but although I ordered it in July it still isn't built. They blame me because I have changed tack with the trailer on a couple of occasions. No, the barbecue hasn't changed one iota since July but it's still my fault apparently. :shrug: A lesson learnt, never pay a deposit without a written contract. However, they gave me a 7 February completion date with is useless as I'm off to Texas on 3 Feb and won't be back until 22 Feb. (The Texas/Mexico City trip is to check out traditional foods and new food trends, so totally work related don't you know :D ). I offered to take the trailer up and they could mount it but they seem to have got the hump that I didn't get the trailer made by them and won't work on it at all. So it's up to me, but at least I'm reliable. ^^ Unfortunately, the way I'm designing it means that I won't mount it until everything is pretty much complete so that sucks.

    I roughed out a draft fitout plan and I'm pretty happy with some of the design solutions but I have to swing it past my restauranteur mate then get it into the food safety people for plan approval before I start building it. The size of the trailer led me to believe that I should go for a walk-in unit and not at $70k as quoted. This solves a heap of problems I was facing but then creates some more. For example a huge barbecue inside a trailer would be unbearable during the summer, but I couldn't operate during fire-ban days unless it was fully enclosed. I'm quite pleased with myself that I believe I solved the heat accumulation and smoke issue with a pop-up roof and a strategically placed ceiling-mounted AC unit.

    My fabricator cannot start until March so there's plenty of time to suss it out and change stuff as it evolves.

    Other things happening are....
    I've managed to get a WP site up using a template and excellent instructions. No blog posts as yet but the first will be up this weekend. The marketing plan is to generate a fair amount of content about Hector the legend (dis)ably assisted by Ross the hopeless amateur cook. :thumbsup: I'm learning about food video and photography to help this, but so much to rearn, I'm just going to have to fake it till I make it.

    The approximate menu has been worked out and is

    • Rotisserie marinated chicken
    • Empanadas (vegan and meat based)
    • Longanisa
    • Chicken wings
    • Puerto Rican roast pork
    • fresh salsas & salads
    • house made sauces

    These are to be served on arepas/tortillas/rolls in wherever style suits. The recipes are being refined fairly constantly. The only one I'm completely happy with is the Aji Verde, Salsa Morita and the double cooked chicken wings. The empanadas are pretty good too but they take forever to make. The Aji Verde ingredients, what's not to like?

    I advertised for some Grandmas who wanted to earn money by making empanadas, arepas, tortillas etc but haven't got anyone on board yet.

    I've completed a food safety supervisors course but just need a supervisor's sign-off that I know what the hell I'm doing and won't poison people. I need the FSS qualification as part of the licensing approvals. Another aspect of that is that I need a contractual arrangement for access to a food service licensed premises for prep etc. I've sourced a community centre kitchen from my old work so just waiting for the document to come through.

    The proposal for a spectacular offical launch (think Francis Mallman meets GoT) is with the winery and will be considered by the owner on Monday.

    More details about Hector Asado, Hector's Hot Stuff and Hector's Hot Date as they evolve.

  • How much power are you going to need? Gas oven? Gas hot water system?

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