New BBQ beef cuts at Coles

  • So this surprised me a bit but Coles now stocks brisket, short ribs and back ribs. Obviously the briskets aren't full (about 1.5kg - 2kg range) but the short ribs looked pretty good. I'm yet to cook up back ribs so don't have a keen enough eye to tell you if they looked any good. Down the other end they also had some short ribs and brisket pieces marinated up and packaged under a Harvey Beef label for a couple of bucks more per kilo but I'm sure that stuff will find a home eventually.

  • My local coles does not have brisket, but have had ribs for some time, not called short rib though. They don't seem to be very good though. Have tried them a few times, not going to bother any more.

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  • The beef back ribs I saw at my local the other day looked alright. My brother has tried the brisket twice. First time he said it was good... second time he said it was like an old shoe... but he cooks indoors :D

  • That's interesting, will have to check it out. I'm keen to try back ribs as I don't see them around much at all. If those short ribs aren't quite good enough for bbq they might do well in an Anova bath :thumbup:

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  • Went down to the Warwick store on the way home from work this arvo, and yep they've definitely lifted their game.

    Went through the stock and grabbed some well marbled shorties(legit shorties not the pre-sliced beef ribs they've stocked the last couple of years) and the back ribs looked pretty good too so I grabbed a pack.

    Brisket looked to be very lean and mainly pieces of flat but there was 1 or 2 bits of point end in there.

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  • That is nothing like what my local coles cooks.

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  • Its here down in Albany so might pay to have another squiz?

    Gonna try the back ribs today, (2 racks a pack) and do a back rib pizza while the brisket finishes off.

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  • They look good. The last lot i did, i injected them with basic beef injection and never "crutched" them. 8 hours at 107C and 2 hours wrapped in the esky.

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    Interesting. North Perth only stocks short ribs. I've cooked them 5 or 6 times, they do much better braised than smoked.

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    I Braise and Smoke at the same time, I use stout for the braise, the braising liquid turns out killer!

    Do them the same as this:

    Twice Cooked Braised BBQ Beef Cheeks


  • coles in brissie has beef cheeks, Shorties, back ribs, brisket, lamb shoulder boned/marinated & plain bone in, lamb ribs & riblets, pork shoulder & a few other bits and pieces

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  • Back ribs were nice, less cook time than the shorties but I prefer the shorties over the backs, just me tho.

    Did the brisket yesty too but aint had a chance to sample yet. Blairs ultra death sauce back rib pizza was whooaaaaaa hot and yum

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