More veggie gardens

  • Well have planted out 99% of this years vegies & garden.
    Even better, here is the First pea sized tomato of the season.
    Gotta be happy with that. :thumbup:

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  • That's real early, where are you.
    Too cold out here in Yarra Valley.

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  • Also got my first tomato well on the way (yay)

    But I really need to get planting as my greenhouse is a bit baron

    Lots of flowers popping up on the passionfruit though

    Same with the olives

    First limes

    And maybe even a lemon or two on the new tree

  • Oh man you guys seem to be at least a month ahead of my garden.
    I'm a way off any fruit on my tomatoes and my passionfruit still hasn't woken up ;(
    How early did you guys put your tomatoes in the ground?

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  • I better take some photos. Our garden is well on the way, the passionfruit has been flowering for months we have quite a number of fruit growing on there at the moment. But have been working the last few weeks/months on getting all our fruit trees on the ground. I'll get some photos of that soon. The tomato left in the ground from winter has also started to fruit as well.

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  • We've been stuffing our face with standard black mulberries. Can't keep up with the tree, they are littering the ground. Tree grows way to quickly too, cut it back twice a year and it still regularly takes over the path.

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  • We have a couple of lemons growing on the lemon tree, the herb garden is going well (although my rosemary just died) and the one surviving chili plant from last season has woken from its lumber and has some green shoots coming off it. Also we randomly have some potatoes growing in the vege patch because instead of throwing some old spuds out my wife decided to bury them...

    Need to get some more plants in the ground, we've been a bit slack after winter, although I'm also in the process of levelling out the yard and putting down some buffalo so might end up leaving it for a bit.

    Some friends also bought us a passionfruit tree. It's only small and I'm not 100% certain on where to put it yet... Was thinking of transferring to a big pot and then setting up some stuff for it to crawl along on the back fence.

  • We have a 1 year old passionfruit tree, they really don't take long to grow. It already covers about 6 metres of fence. They also have a quite a wide spread root system, so if you are going to put in a pot to grow on the fence it will need to be a massive pot. We just have ours in the ground along the colourbond fence, with some trellis hanging from the fence on hanging plant hooks.

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