Pellet Pizza Oven @ Bunnings??...YES YES YES

  • You need to attach those pics correctly.

    There is a post by Gumb that shows you how to do it.

    Good to see you got this going straight out of the box with no mods.

    If it's working for you why spend the time on mods.

    Enjoy you "Q"


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  • Yes I agree, I think because you need to keep the front vents shut and you need to keep the lid on the front to maintain the heat you don't really want it to be hotter as you are just more likely to burn the pizza

    I got 3 pizzas out tonight and my only complaint is the el cheapo pizza peel is too small - need to find something slightly bigger.

    One thought is should we be trying to convert it to LPG - that might be possible just by putting the burner into the fire box at the rear?

    I do like the very smoky flavour you get from the wood chips, but gas would mean it burns clean enough to put on the deck without needing to buy a chimney for the smoke.

    On that note, any ideas on what to use for a rather long (2+ meter) chimney?

    I looked at Bunnings today but couldn't find anything good

    They had some cheap ducting that was rated to 85° but I can imagine the exhaust is hotter than that surely?

  • Hi,

    I have used car exhaust pipe for a flu extension on a Aus pig and pot belly , you should be able to do the same on the pizza oven- might even try it on mine 👍🏼

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  • hey guys, i finally unboxed my pizza over yesterday and assembled. First thing I've noticed, is the flanged end (which screw to the body) once assembled is a few mm longer than it needs to be (on the inside of the pizza oven) so i've grinded that down a little. Will do a test burn tonight and check temp, also have 500mm of exhaust pipe which will slide on the inside of the chimney to extend it. This will also serve to reduce the diameter of the of the pipe which i believe is probably to large, from what i've read about chimney's possibly reducing it should increase the speed of the air flow.

    Let you guys know how it goes.

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  • Hey guys, I assembled and gave it a quick burn yesterday. I ran it off one full tray of pit boss pellets from bunnings, and it gets super hot straight out of the box.

    Only mod so far was cutting the extra length off the chimney, from the flanged end... only about 3-5mm which gives a better air flow path.

    I will test again tonight and use an infra-red thermo to get more accurate internal temp. Then run a test with an extra 50cm added to the chimney. Let you know how it goes...

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  • I used a cut off wheel and agree cutting the lip off the chimney makes it instantly more efficient at both getting up to temp and getting hotter

    This would be the best mod so far

    [post edited by Gumb - pics inserted]

  • Went off the dial tonight using a mix of pellets and wood chips.

    I think the biggest difference is taking the lip off the inside of the chimney has gotten the air flowing better.

    Would like to get it feeding pellets by itself next so it sits at temperature and needs less babysitting

  • Did you happen to get a pic of the base or it cut?

    My main issue was the base, did you let the stone heat up for some time?

    These look pretty dam good from where i am sitting, I'd happily go them.

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  • The base is seriously as good as you'd get from a much more expensive oven.

    It took me 8 minutes from the oven and stone being cold to 350° on the temp dial, in that time I have stretched the dough and thrown the pizza together on the peel and then put it in.

    Its main downside is it's fiddly, you really need two people - one person to stoke the fire and the other to make pizza - I might try flipping the rear chimney as others have done and seeing if it will self feed pellets

    If you are happy to fiddle and tinker, the jumbuck still makes great pizza and the price cannot be beaten

  • That's awesome Qwerty! Sorry guys I haven't had any spare time to have a play with the extra length of chimney I was looking to add, nor even had the time a pizza in the oven to try it out yet. Doing reno work at my new place, taking up most of my time....

    those pizzas look amazing...damn they are making me hungry!

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  • First test, using woolworth premade dough. In at 400+ for a couple on mins, could have done with a few another 30 sec to get more colour and base could have been crispier, pretty happy with it. Done without the 500mm chimney extension. Still yet to test with...

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