Louisiana Vertical from Costco....Warranty.

  • And that's fair enough but a bit of advice pointing back to Costco wouldn't have hurt.

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  • The response (a one liner) really felt like the fellow was stating that the unit had no warranty, even from Costco.

    I put it down to very poor communication.

    I can think of a heap of better responses and even a way to make it clearly known he sells the accessories and to make a potential customer want to come back. oh well.

  • When GP was the importer of Louisiana Grills, he had to do it under a different business banner as Yoder didn't want them sold under the one Company and you can't blame Yoder for that but even then, when my friend bought his Louisiana, it was from a contact he got from the BBQ Wars Comp in Port Macquarie, I think the last one we went to, he bought it off another bloke who was importing Louisiana grills. I had thought that GP was the sole importer but apparently not so it was either Louisiana breaching agreement on sole distributor rights or they had other irons in the fire and had multiple distributors. It was one of the reasons GP dropped them and when Costco was selling them, it was the last straw, many were contacting GP to solve their issues even if they didn't buy from his inventory. It could have been that Louisiana grills were getting greedy, they had the know how to make their cookers suitable for Australian conditions, probably not to the point that GP was co-ersed into making Yoders 100% compliant so they went looking for other Australian distributors? who knows!!

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  • I know of other products at Costco that they have grey imported, then when people try to contact the local importer for warranty they get told no and to go back to costco.

    If you have any issues you'll at least be able to get a refund/replacement rather than spares/repairs.

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  • It's not really any different to Apple iPhones. If you buy one from overseas, I believe Apple here won't provide warranty for it.

    But GP should have worded his reply differently, as suggested.

    Maybe he gets a heap of queries and just sick of it? Who knows.

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