Rolled Pork Loin in the BGE

  • Most of the regulars on here know I usually fail trying to get good crackle but this time, I nailed it :) And no, I didn't have to use the Searzall. :D

    This rolled pork loin was cooked in the Big Green Egg at just over 200c for about an hour until the internal hit 135F. It probably could have come out a bit sooner but it was good quality free range Otway pork so it was very tender and juicy.

    I had it sitting on an elevated rack in the BGE and to get it dry I slit it in thin strips and poured boiling water over it the night before. It was patted dry and left uncovered in the fridge until the next evening.

    Very happy with the result and the crackle was excellent. The spuds and pumpkin were also done in the egg.

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  • Very nice indeed. Love that animal. :yum):yum)
    I have never done the boiling water trick and I was tempted on the last cook but just can't commit to it.

    Jumbuck 7 burner with hood. Baby Weber kettle. 52" Kettle. Weber Go Anywhere. 5' SS Spit rotisserie. Offset smoker. Akorn Kamado. :) ASMOKE AS500N. Hibachi.:bbq:

  • couldn't resist. 8o

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    Enjoy your "Q"

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