Skyflame Ash Basket

  • Thanks Waz, I get that now.

    You could try stainless steel cable ties

    I didn't know they existed either but the smallest seesm to be 4.6mm and that's too wide.

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  • I use the Kick ash Basket on most cooks in the Primo apart from if I am doing Pizza. I just seasoned my primo charcoal grate recently and when I am doing Pizza I swap back to that. The Primo Charcoal grate is Cast Iron so when it gets a bit rusty etc… and I am seasoning some other items I just throw it in as well. Keeps it in good nick when the basket is being used.

    When the basket is $300 it’s probably worth looking after it I guess.

    I find that I don’t use the Firebox Divider either (cast iron as well) I just pile charcoal up on the left side if that’s the way I am cooking. Again just season the divider and all is good.

    Enjoy your "Q"

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