Hobbies what are they other than BBQ ???

  • Allnuts who had the hire boats at Mordy.

    Mordy was our growing up beach stamping ground......fond memories from those much freer days.

    Ziggy Trpl. ....Z Grill 700E.....Aldi/Masterbuilt & Camp Chef Gassers... Camp Chef cast iron.....Thermoworks Smoke.

  • I have a few different interests. Brewing beer and Pop Culture stuff. So i collect Transformers, have recently found building Lego to be really relaxing and love driving games on my XBox. I have a racing seat and wheel setup which i drag out from time to time.

    Used to own: Beefeater 5 Burner BBQ, Weber Baby Q. Currently own: CharGriller Double Play with side fire box as offset, Asmoke AS350

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