Baby CG Brisket - cooking advice please?

  • Found this baby Grimmie brisket in the bottom of the freezer. Was originally intended for a non-smoking cook-up, but thinking of having a go at cooking it up tomorrow on the WSM. It's about dinner plate size, 2.3Kg point end and about 2 - 3 inches thick.

    Plan would be SPG rub, on at around 250 for ??? hours then wrap to get through the stall. Off and into an esky to rest in time for Fathers Day dinner.

    • Do you folks think it's too small to smoke?
    • Assuming it's OK, any ideas on how much cooking time I should allow for such a small cut?

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  • Being the point IMO it should be fine & your plan sounds good to me.

    Someone else may have a better idea......I'm guessing 6/8hrs cooking & a rest.

    Good luck!....:)

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  • I was caught short last Australia day when I found out short notice a bunch of teenage boys were coming over. I zipped down to Coles and found a bit of brisket that was the point section so chucked it in the smoker wh the other meat.

    It was about that size, and turned out ok, so I imagine CG would be a couple of levels better. I'd give it a go.

    As for time, who knows as all bits of meat are different, I'll guess 5 to 6 hours. Please post up how long it does take.

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    You do need to be careful of small bits but this is thickish as has been pointed out. I'd be thinking 8-10 hours.

    My last brisket was just done recently and I cut a whole one in half and did the point so it would be about the same as what you have. This was the method.....

    6am - in the GMG Davy Crockett and set it at 230F and had temp swings up to 250/260 along the way.

    9.00am (3 hours) - spritz

    10.30 (4.5 hours) - spritz

    1.00pm (7 hours) - internal was 185f and checked with a probe....little or no resistance. At this point I hard wrapped it and added some liquid to the package.

    2.00pm (8 hours) - internal now at target between 199 and 208f, depending where I checked. I took it out and rested it but not in an esky with towels, I wanted it to drop down in temp before unwrapping (the Franklin method).

    5.00pm (11 hours) - unwrapped and sliced......Yum. Came out great.

    I'm not interested in bark so foiling with liquid like i did meant a soft outer crust but the main game for me in the tenderness and moisture in the meat.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Thanks everyone for the advice. much appreciated. You are all a great bunch!

    The little fella went on the WSM mid-morning and after a couple of spritzings (read: drenchings) with apple cider vinegar and water through the morning it stalled at 69f and is now well wrapped and traveling nicely. Here is a pic from just prior to wrapping. Really looking forward to this.

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  • I've been flat out the last week and a bit since the cook but I finally had some time to come back with a 'wrap up' (pun intended) of the cook. Thanks everyone for your input. In the end, cook time was right in the middle of most of your estimates.

    • So the little grimmie went on the WSM at 10:30am. It was later than planned due to some unexpected stuff that came up in the morning.Target temperature for the cook was 250f. I kept within 10f of for the first half of the cook, then in the second half of the cook, I took it up to 275f as I was keen to have it ready in time for dinner, despite the late start.
    • I spritzed twice at 12pm and 1:30pm with 50:50 Apple Cider Vinegar and water. You can see the temperature drops in the pit on the graph when I opened the WSM to spritz and then wrap. :biglol:
    • Wrapped at 2:15pm when it stalled (at 69C- thanks CozI'mHausen )
    • Off the smoker at 6:15pm and into esky wrapped in a couple of old towels
    • Rested for 45 mins and ready for dinner!
    • So it was on the WSM for 7:40 hours and the total cook time, including rest was 8:20 hours.

    Served with green veg and potato bake. It tasted great! The best brisket I've done so far, no question. It was very juicy, the slices bent across my finger in a nice even 'u' shape and the slices pulled apart with no effort. I didn't make burnt ends, but cut some squares out of the bark on each end which was a nice 'lazy' version of burnt ends.

    Thanks again everyone. Such a great bunch!

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