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  • I've got a good camera, can I join in the discussion ?


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  • Will struggle to track fast moving subjects with that one I'm afraid...and the FPS is on the low side! ||

    Makes me wonder how the pro's back in the days managed high FPS and 35mm film at 36 shots to a roll. Some of the older film gear could do near 6FPS, doesn't take much to run out of film!

  • Generally Pro's are carrying 2 to 3 camera bodies on them with different lenses so they just shoot film and once they get a break, it's a quick film change, It's an acquired artform just on the film change itself. My Cousin Dean used to carry 2 Nikon F4's at a time when doing Wedding Photography, each carrying a 36 shot roll and about at least another 10 rolls stuffed in his jacket pocket. Not sure of the gear he carries now.

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  • Rather than hinge out the side it flips out centered on a double hinge.

    Funnily enough this is one of the things the Z50 was panned for. It's said that a lot of vloggers would rule it out because the screen flips down and not out to the side, making it useless once you mount it on a tripod. Not something that would bother me, but SmallRig have brought out a new mounting plate that's thin enough to allow the screen to still flip down and allows you to offset it on the tripod so the tripod is not in the way.

    Also, have some serious glass envy of your collection of lenses there Snowfella, that's mighty impressive

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