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  • Hello boys and girls,

    My name's Joe, and I'm a 29 year old from Auckland, NZ. I've recently purchased an apartment and I'm very keen to get into the low and slow game. While I don't have much space, I'm keen to see what results i can get from the Kamado style range.

    I haven't made any purchases just yet, Still researching what would be the best entry level gear for me. I'm currently leaning towards an Acorn Jr., but after doing a bit of reading around here, it seems it may be better just to get the regular sized Acorn. (Or is there something else that's better in the entry end market?)

    Cheers :nana:

  • Hi S15JOE

    Welcome to the forum.

    Just check your apartment rules and whether you can legally have a charcoal BBQ in the complex you are in.

    I believe it's generally Gas yes Charcoal No / Maybe.

    I have an Akorn Jr and they are a good little Kamado.

    The best of the mini ones imo.

    Due mainly to their size being just that little larger than the mini ceramic Kamado's & being Metal it won't crack or break when being transported.

    The smoking stone (deflector) is an additional purchase though.

    I believe the larger Akorn includes the deflector, warming rack and cover. Happy to be corrected.

    Again it's a great grill and you would be happy with either.

    It all depends on your circumstances and how many people you are cooking for.

    The large Akorn will take up some room so that's another thing to think about if you only have a small balcony.

    Don't forget the Dragon which is sold by BBQ Galore here in Aus.

    Same as large Akorn just different brand.

    Also look on Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace for second hand Grills. They come up regularly and the thing to remember is that they generally don't wear out. Yesterday for example there was a Kamado Joe on Marketplace for $275.

    It was gone inside 30 mins but there are deals out there.

    Enjoy the addiction and again welcome to the Forum.

    Enjoy your "Q"

    Primo XL, Akorn Jr and Ziggy Portable.

  • Welcome aboard, you could be the first Kiwi on here, apart from those who've made the trek across and now reside here of course.

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  • Jimmy, You have found my one true love, Jalepeno poppers are my deadset favourite!!

    Interesting you say about the eligibility of having a smoker in an apartment thing, It's not something I even gave any thought to! I'm in a commercial place so it should be okay, Have asked the bodycorp anyways just in case.

    Generally just cooking for 1-3 usually, however I do enjoy my food :D Just due to this is why I think it's probably best to go with the Acorn Jr for now... untill the bug hits really hard.. however I may have missed the boat as Bunnings looks to be low/out of stock :(

  • Don't forget the Dragon which is sold by BBQ Galore here in Aus.

    Same as large Akorn just different brand.

    I have this niggly thought in my head that the side tables on the dragon are fixed, whereas the Akorn side tables can be folded down. Would need to check it though to make sure this is the case, it could be an issue on a small balcony.

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