My New Curing Chamber

  • That is much better looking then any summer sausage you would get over here. Summer sausage over here is more like hard cotto salami!

    What is best in life? "To crush your BBQ opponents, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."

  • DevilsGrill hey mate how’s the curing chamber going ? Are you happy with the InkBird controllers?

    I’d love to have a set up like this and have been thinking of getting a curing chamber up and running ..

    Going well Bushy, only addition was a 3 fin oil heater from Bunnings to keep temps up while fermentation takes place.

  • Ok thanks I will keep going with mine -despite the set back which you have seen.

    Never enough BBQ

    Primo XL, Imperial Kamado, Pro Smoke Offest, Pot belly stove, Flaming coals Spit , Jumbuck 'Rondo' Med spit, Webber Kettles, Jumbuck pizza oven, 5 Burner beefmaster

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