New toy. Fornetto Razzo 22

  • I came home from work last night to find this sitting in the garage. Ordered back in July when it was out of stock and delayed a couple of times due to COVID-19 lockdowns it’s just arrived.

    Everything is well packed. There’s only a few things to attach. Three legs, three bottom vents and six hooks, three on each section that hold the charcoal gate and food grates. Assembly took about 45 minutes or two stubbies depending on how you measure time. Would have been quicker if I hadn’t put the first leg on upside down.

    First impressions are this is a really good bit of kit. Everything fitted together well. The steel is quite heavy. I’d compare it to my Webber kettle in terms of thickness. Grill and baskets are thick stainless steel. When it’s all locked together it’s quiet heavy and sturdy. No one is accidentally knocking this over. And it’s huge in terms of cooking capacity.

    Out of the box the overall quality is excellent. Theres some nice touches that give you the impression that this is a well put together unit rather than a cheap WSM knock off. Silicon sleeves on the handles, cool touch vent dials and springs on the back of the vents so they are easy to turn and ensures they seal well.

    I looked at few other bullets before settling on the Fornetto and I’m glad I did. For $499 delivered its a bargain and putting it together there’s nothing that l look at and think that’s the bit that I should have paid $200 more for. Of course time will tell but at the moment I’m pretty impressed with this unit.

    Now it’s off to the shops to find something to cook.

  • It's always exciting to fire up a new smoker. Looks good Dave.

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  • If I was gonna replace my pro q I’d definitely go for one of these. The 18” basso I’ve got has never missed a beat.

    Nice purchase, you’ll love it.

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  • Would be great to get a surprise like that. Post up your first cook.

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