What are you cooking - November

  • PBFC - Pit Barrel (not) Fried Chicken

    I've had a few goes at making "fried" chicken on the pellet grill with mixed results. This time with the PBC and it was soo much better. There's room for improvement but it was damn good!

    Royal Kamado, Primo Oval XL, Akorn jr, GMG Daniel Boone and Pit Barrel Cooker

  • Did a biannual trip with old school mates to Blowering dam on the weekend. Took the PBC along and cooked up a 6kg brisket that fed about 20 of us on rolls with gravy.

    The photo of the finished product doesn’t do it justice as it was taken last minute after a few boys had already had a bit of a pick at it!

    weber performer, weber compact with gas conversion, napoleon rodeo, pro q 20", fornetto bullet 18", PBC, ziggy portable, ozpig with rotisserie,
    pro smoke offset, pit boss mini kamado.

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