Broil King KEG 5000 Bundle......This is a steal of a price!!.....Save$1325.00

  • I know zilch about these units so can't offer an opinion but at this price of $999.00 this could be good buying for someone....:shrug:.

    Broil King KEG 5000 Bundle - Outdoors Domain

    On another note which I can't believe.....That place Hardly Normal has the Masterbuilt 560 @ $1199.00.....currently the cheapest around!

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  • That’s where I picked up my masterbuilt for $1059.

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  • Are these the ones where there is that video of one being shot to prove it's bullet proof?

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  • Wazza they we're the blaze.

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    That's good buying for the keg. They are a great grill.

    Personally I wouldn't buy one over a Akorn / Dragon.

    Again I don't know a heap about them other than they are a really good grill.

    Enjoy your "Q"

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    These are the new version of my Big Steel Keg. I'd imagine that like the BSK they can also be towed (never had the pleasure of doing that with mine).

    I can vouch for their quality. My one is turning 10 years old in March and it's still pretty much perfect, with the exception of the steel extender rack which has rusted.

    Unlike most Kamados, the trolley is fantastic and makes it real easy to move it around and go up and down steps. I'm still on the original seal.

    At that price they are a steal. From a quality perspective the put the Dragon and Akorn to shame. The cast iron grill is much more solid, the vents are on another level, the trolley is better, etc.

    However the grill area is a bit smaller and you could get 2 Akorns for that price. So horses for courses.

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  • I own a Broil King Gas BBQ, and have had it now for a couple of years.
    I am very happy with my BBQ, and if the quality is simular, anyone that purchases one of these will be very happy.
    I wont be getting one, as I am satisified with my Primo, and cannot justify anothter Kamado style BBQ.

    If I was going to be in a position to move my BBQ around, well then this would change very quickly.


    Primo XL :bbq: - orange 1986 Webber Kettle - Broil King Royal Gas BBQ - Coolabah Pantera Gas BBQ - Webber go Anywhere - Cobb cooker. One or the other will be in use sometime soon. Loves using cast iron. :thumbup:

  • It looks like they discovered that $999 is the US price. It is now $2199 which is the same as Amazon.

    My favourite feature about the Keg is the trailer hitch option.


    It doesn't come with a deflector and it isn't really obvious you can buy one. Below is the Keg deflector. For some reason thinks you need to add water to a Kamado and their blurb talks about filling it with water. To add extra ballast people put a pizza dish (ceramic or cast iron) in it.

  • I looked at these a while ago , pretty cool

    To be able to hook it up to ya tow ball.

    Not sure it would get used that much but like the idea …

    Never enough BBQ

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  • It's a bbq for people who like to BBQ outdoors and leave their Q outside and it not rust away. Especially if you need to move your charcoal Q around.

    The Keg will still be working while the other BBQs will have rusted away, that includes the non-metal BBQ's as they have metal bits.

    It all comes down to if you want and can afford a Keg.

    It's the same sort of argument of why you would buy a BGE vs no-name Kamado, Weber Kettle vs no-name kettle etc

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