Tip Top Temp Test

  • Cleaned up alright, though I found out after I started that I was out of barkeepers friend. I substituted powerful brewery wash (which I think is sodium percarbonate) at 40g/3L.

    Pic after the boil and then later after the tooth brushing. Recommendation to anyone else: buy a cheap stockpot (maybe the kmart $15 15L) and dedicate it to the task, rather than having to clean creosote off a good pot (it builds up around the boil line).

  • Since I'm taking pictures and it's clean for a change, an alternate mounting solution for the dragon (and maybe akorn). I tried platesetters but they're kind of fiddly and I wanted to remove it every cook as it's out in the weather.

    I bought the BGE adapter silicon band.

    Removed the daisy wheel (not really necessary as the band will fit over the top of the daisy wheel also, but it annoys me when it closes on a lid open/close as I don't always notice).

    Fitted it over both, then used the original ttt band to tighten it around the ttt itself. At the end of a cook I pull it off and then just sit the daisy wheel on top to close off the vent.

  • Mine still OK but starting to stick slightly when it tries to close a fraction more. I was thinking a short squirt of crc would help. I don't think that would affect the food at all, being on the outlet sdie of the smoke.

    Good job on the cleanup and the attachment to the kettle too.

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