BGE Cape Grim Brisket

  • My local butcher had this in stock and of course, I couldn't resist.

    It was just over 4kg for the full brisket but.....

    Butcher: "we can cut it to any size you like".

    Gumb: "OK, that's great, cut it in half and I'll have the point end thanks".

    Butcher: "No worries, are you cooking it low and slow"?

    Gumb: "Is there any other way"? :)

    So I gave it a trim, rubbed it with Oakridge's Santa Maria rub and popped it in the fridge overnight.

    Yesterday, I got the BGE up and running and settled it around 110-115c using the Tip Top Temp.

    Closed the lid and it sat steady for the next 5 hours when I checked the internal temp which was 70c so it was at the stall part of the cook.

    Another hour went by and it was still only 72c so i decided it was time to wrap, as I was always intending to do the crutch method anyway. I just like it being in the stall as long as possible.

    I gave it a sprtiz before wrapping, just with some water and put it back in the Egg. I opened the butterfly on the TTT and watched as it very slowly increased temperature to about 140c and as it did, the TTT closed down and it settled on that temperature, which was according to plan.

    2 hours later and the internal is now 83c so we are making progress.

    Another 90 minutes and it's probing like butter and the temperature is 93-95c depending on where I probed it but always through the same hole in the paper at the top, not new holes.

    I removed it and let it sit in the wrap until the internal temp had come down to about 75c, which was just over an hour.

    Time to unveil the finished product.

    Very happy with the result. It was vac sealed in to 4 bags and placed in the fridge so we can pick it off over the next few days and I'll probably give some to the family.

    I had a few bits before doing that and it was divine ! For $17/kg it's a brilliant cut of meat.

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  • Definitely quote of the week there Gumb "Is there any other way"?

    My butcher let me do the same thing a few weeks ago, also with grimmies. The selection he had this time around didn't look near as thick as previous, or the one you've got there tho. Great bark and looks really juicy!

    Interesting too; the best I've seen in Sydney is $20/Kg for CG brisket...

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