Commercial Stainless Steel/Granite Bench - Gauging Interest (SE Queensland)

  • Hi All,

    I have sourced what I think is an ideal BBQ bench, perfect for round BBQs of all types. This is a commercial bench unit currently used by one of the large Pizza Chains. Heavy Duty stainless steel and black stone/granite.

    Not shown in the photos is additional granite slabs (actually you can see the rear slab leaning on the fence)

    that comes with it for the rear and right side. These are not attached as the unit is reversible for BBQ placement to left or right. Once decided, you then fit them.

    It has heavy duty wheels for easy movement. Even at 200kg unloaded weight, I can guide it around the deck with one hand easily. The shelf sizing is perfect for Joetisserie, DoJoe, and anything else you need on hand.

    It also has a standard cold Bain system (configured for the pizza shop purpose). You can buy the gastronorm pans that slot in that suit your purposes. i'm getting a range of them - deep pans for dumping wings into straight of the Joetisserie, plus a bunch of smaller ones for pizza night. There is a slide out draw under it for easy cleaning and catching spills or even for ice to cool ingredients. I have also been using it for resting my meats. You can also buy standard size cutting boards to drop in flush with the bench.

    At the moment I have the classic still on its stand, but I',m going to change over to a new small bench to create a snug fit. The cutout section can easily accomodate a Big Joe.

    It is perfect for how I want to use my setup, I have a friend who is taking 2, one for each side of his big joe. I would do that too if I had the room. I like that it is is commercial quality, looks great and is fully mobile if you want it to be.

    If you know anything about costs of commercial stainless fabrication, you wouldn't be surprised to hear that the manufacturer sells these to their customers for well north of 3k. I can afford to sell for approx 1.5k or a bit less for 2. I can only access 4 more, so just wanting to see if there is any interest before I pull the trigger.

    Just to confirm, these are brand new, never used, still in original crate. I could potentially assist with delivery depending on distance from Brisbane northside. With the back and side not attached, the bench can be lifted by 2, which is what I had to do to get it up internal stairs and onto my little back deck.

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  • I'm not in the market for one but what a great looking unit and a terrific solution to storing all the bibs and bobs we gather up.

    Agreed and my wife was very happy that all that stuff moved off the BBQ dining table! And I still have room for more "essentials".

    Kamado Joe Classic II and Jnr, Weber Q3200 and Baby Q

  • Very nice! Could work well for my Maximus pizza oven with BSK placed on the round bit. Shame about the distance though. I'm in Sydney.

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