Keg Fridge

  • I have a few hobbies these days, but my main one is probably brewing beer.

    Since I tend to make a fair bit I built myself a keg fridge out of a chest freezer, aka a keezer.

    Pretty simple on the outside.

    I put the fonts off to one side in case a decide to add a third one since I can squeeze in 12 kegs.

    Inside looks a little more complicated but it's very straight forward.

    I've got a few secondary regulators so I can have soft drink and soda water and higher carbonation levels.

    I used to put premixed spirits on tap, but that's pretty dangerous!

    I used an old video card fan to cool the fonts to help with first pour foam.

    I started with a digital tap list, but it was pretty hard to read. It would be better on a large TV.

    Then I decided to take up another hobby and get in to 3D printing, so I made some tap handles.

    They turned out alright, it even prints the thread!

    The black numbers I don't use any more. It was an early idea that I wasn't a fan of.

    Then someone wanted to buy a bunch of handles off me in all different colours.

    The rainbow isn't what I would go for but he seemed stoked with it.

    Anyone else got a kegerator/keezer?

  • Wow, awesome set up.

    There are a number of home brewers in here who I'm sure will respond. My home brewing experience was limited to those 'bag in a box' kits sold by Coopers in the early 1980's. ^^

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  • that's awesome!

    I was going to build a keezer but my wife wanted something a bit smaller in the main lounge so I ended up just getting a two tap kegerator from Kegland. Nice and compact and sits out the way. Just need to stop my toddler pushing the temp control buttons when I'm not looking.

    I enjoy brewing but I don't have very big sessions, normally just a glass with dinner a few times a week, so a keg normally lasts me a couple of months ^^

  • Mine is just an unaltered chest freezer with an STC temp controller on top. I only ever have one beer on the go at a time and everything fits inside. I still pour through my ten year old picnic tap! It’s not at all glamorous, but I’m very happy with what ends up in the glass.

    Love those bespoke tap handles!

  • Mine is just a generic stainless keg king 2 tap. I paid extra for the ultra taps which Ive had nothing but problems with. Fancy putting me onto a better style?

    I havnt delved into all grain yet

  • What sort of problems are you having?

    I'm currently running Nukataps. With 15psi for soda/soft drink/cider, they start to pour hollow after a few seconds and retain a bit of liquid in the spout which drips occasionally. 10psi for my beers works great though.

    I'll be pulling them apart for the first time soon to give them a good clean, I'll see how the plastic shuttle is holding up.

    I have return springs in mine as well, IMO they aren't worth having. Unless the tap is used constantly (might be ok if you don't have 8!), they gum up and don't spring back. I've also heard they affect the pour.

    Previously I had FC Intertaps and before that the regular Brumby taps.

    I wouldn't get FC taps again, there isn't much point.

    Brumby taps pour the best but since they aren't forward sealing they are more prone to gunk/infection.

  • they are pretty clunky, dont return well and sometimes dont seal when you push them back, my step father has the same and one emptied a keg on the floor...

    They pour fine but feel pretty average and dont seal well.

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