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  • G'day all,

    after a loooong wait, my daughter and I finally got around to making some pasta yesterday. The long wait part is that I bought a cheapo Crofton brand manual pasta machine from Aldi about 7 years ago and it has proudly taken up room in various cupboards around the house, never having been used until yesterday :roll eyes: .

    Anyhoo, long story short, the pasta tasted amazing pairing it with a carbonara sauce and the whole family raved about it and went back for seconds.

    The longer version is that after we made the dough, it was left to rest in the fridge for 30 odd minutes. Then it was taken out and rolled through the pasta machine. Well that was the theory anyway. I don't know if the pasta was still too cold, it didn't feel like it, or that the dough wasn't kneaded enough. One of the rollers would only intermittently engage and wouldn't do a complete roll though. I ended up taking the sheet out and rolling it with a rolling pin. I then put it through the cutter attachment and they worked a treat.

    I ended up pulling the covers off and saw that the gears were able to disengage from each other depending on where the crank handle was. There is a pressed metal cover over the gears that looked like it had bent out of shape, which I straightened and I could push the gears back together, but there is still a bit of slop in the attachments that still allows the gears to disengage, especially under load. I don't know if it's worth trying to fix it as the insides are pressed metal and the gears themselves are quite thin and look like they are going to disengage often.

    My question is are the more expensive past machines better built than the cheapies, as they look identical on the outside?

    After the results I got from my first effort, I think it's something that I'd like to do again, so I'm happy to spend some $$$ in order to get a better quality and longer lasting machine.

    The Marcato Atlas features highly in online reviews, also has additional cutters which would be handy. Are there other brands that I should look at?

    Thanks for looking,


  • hmmm, I got an Aldi one probably a year ago,I am also yet to use it.

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  • I'm not discounting operater error by using dough that was still a bit cold/stiff or thick, but in the videos that I've seen they use thick bits of dough and don't seem to have any problems.

    It would be interesting to see inside a brand new one to see what the gear setup is like.

  • Coming from a Sicilian family, I made pasta (a.k.a, a mess) more times than I can remember as a child. Still make it when I can, because, despite the mess, nothing beats the taste of homemade pasta.

    I've never heard of putting the dough in the fridge, so perhaps try skipping that step next time.

    In terms of past makers, pretty much every Italian I know who has a pasta maker has a Marcato Atlas, or machine of the same design and metal construction. Myself, I've got an Avanti one that's probably 25+ years old.

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  • Thanks matty , one recipe I found had the dough resting in the fridge and the other one didn't, so I know which one to use next time ;) . The Marcato ones seem to get a good rap, so I think one would be a good investment.

  • The pasta machine we have attaches to the kenwood chef. we only have the flat roller. We can cut out our own shapes the way we want from that.

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  • I did contemplate a pasta making attachment for my Kenwood chef, but the pricing put me off.

    I ended up getting a Marcato Atlas Type 5 and a pasta drying rack, hopefully I'll get to give it a run this weekend.

    Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions.

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