• Another first, but not the last for me using the sous vide.

    The ribs went in for a bath at 74°C for 24 hours, then had an ice bath for an hour or so.

    Ready for the smoking on the Dragon:

    Gave them about 4 hours at 120°C:

    Then they went into the esky for a 2 hour rest.

    These were great tasting ribs and didn’t lose as much moisture as previous ones I have smoked for 8 hours +.

    I may not do them this way all the time as sometimes I like hanging around the smoker for a full day :bbq: :cheers:

    I can highly recommend them though :bbq:



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    Did they give you that great smokey flavour ?

    I'm thinking that they might be sealed after all that time in the sous vide and not taken on the smoke.

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  • Look great.

    You don’t get a lot of smoke on a Akorn/dragon at the best of times.

    I do like to cook up a heap of ribs and batch them up in the vac sealer. I like the souz vide for ribs, but to reheat them not to cook them.

  • Bilda Do you cook them up then freeze them? and they turn out OK?

    Never enough BBQ

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  • On my bucket list one day is to do a medium rare beef ribs, say 55 degrees for 36+ hours.

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  • Bilda Do you cook them up then freeze them? and they turn out OK?

    Absolutely. Vac them then freeze.

    Sometimes I leave them on the bone but mostly I take off so they vacuum better.

    Reheat in the bag in sousvide is quick and easy.

    Or put in a foil covered tray with a sprinkle of water and heat at 100c till warm.

    Makes for a super easy meal. Mrs Bilda is always happy when she has some of these for those nights when she wants to get something on the table and nothing prepped

  • What do you season with? I just use salt and pepper but I'm tempted to add some more heat.

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  • What do you season with? I just use salt and pepper but I'm tempted to add some more heat.

    Not sure what Billy Grills does but Dalmatian rub (salt pepper), GOSP (garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper) or my favourite would include garlic powder, onion powder, fresh ground pepper, a touch of sugar, mustard powder, ancho powder and cayenne.

    I salt separately at .5% by weight including bones. And not too heavy with pepper because it is bitter when cooked. And not too much sugar because these are beef not pork. Ancho chilli is perfect with beef in my opinion.

  • I usually just hit the ribs with a 50/50 salt and pepper and sometimes garlic powder.

    Imo they stand on their own taste wise, so I just keep it simple.

    Sometimes I add a few other spices etc but generally just use the basics.


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