“Dub” trays … the easier foil tent

  • Hi guys

    So some of you may already do this, but thought I’d share.

    So for smaller cuts, steaks, ribs etc I “dub’l” up my foil trays. Do a short rest I just slightly tweak the 4 corners together. As long as there is less than a 1mm gap it’ll hold heat ok.

    For holding for a longer period I double foil with Alfoil over the tray and use this to crimp the edges.

    Works really great and stacks nicely in the esky and then packed with towels when doing a long hold. Everything stays clean, no leaks.

    Airs a great insulator so the air gap is great and it also stops the bark from going soggy.

    Anyway, I think dubbing the trays works great.

    Load up meat

    Double up the tray

    Alfoil over the top and crimp the sides.

    Job done.

    Super easy.


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