Steak champ

  • Interesting ….🤔🤔

    DO I actually need one ?

    Never enough BBQ

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  • I did get some of these a while interested to see your thoughts Gumb .....BTW I got the same e-mail.

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  • Teaser post Gumb . When I saw the title I though it was about some juicy steaks to eat.

    Me too, I clicked on here looking for a life changing steak...... oh well.

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  • The Steak Champ arrived today, just in time for me to try it out on the small rolled lamb loin I was going to roast for dinner.

    I cooked it in the BGE with the roast spuds and the light on the end of the Steak Champ did what it was supposed to do and that's blink green until it hit temp for a med/rare steak and then flash green quickly to tell me it was there. Being lamb, I wanted to go to the next stage which is when it flashes yellow quickly and that should be at around 140f. So at that point I took the lamb out and rested. The flashing light goes out when it's ready to serve which was about 5 minutes later. It took the Steak Champ out, sliced the loin in the middle and it was perfect. My instant read showed 140f too.

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