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  • Hi I'm from Sunbury, Vic , and enjoy having a bbq and frothie when time permits. Been grilling and smoking on a weber kettle for years. On Father's day my kids got me a wsm 18.5, so I fired it up and cooked a brisket on 2 days ago. It was 3 kg and took 9 1/2 hours to cook, the temp gauge read 225 but it seemed to take forever before it was ready. I don't know if temp was too low or that's how long it should take? No doubt I'll find out that and more on this forum. By the way the meat was fantastic ,Cheers.

  • Welcome to the forum.

    Couple of the guys have bullet smokers so they will be able to answer your questions.

    Remember we like pics so post plenty.

    Enjoy your "Q"

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  • Welcome mate,

    Brisket could easily take that long to cook just depending on what method you used.

    I’d recommend getting a digital thermometer to put on your cooking grate as the lid thermometer usually isn’t accurate.

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  • Welcome aboard. At the temp you cooked it at, which was fine, and the size of the brisket, I would have expected more like 12 hours so 9 is on the shorter side of what it could be.

    It's probably better in a different section rather than discussing here but there is the stall to consider, plus the final temp you are aiming for. I'm not sure if you wrapped it but that would speed things up and then I'd think 9 hours would do it.

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  • welcome along mate, Brisket is a fickle beast and not my recommendation for a new pit you are learning.

    Do a few pork shoulders to start out, pulled pork, or chuck for pulled beef. Theres many easier cuts than brisket to learn a new pit.

    From what you mentioned above 3kg, 225F and 9 hrs is belivable. +1 on a decent remote thermo too. Makes the job a lot less stressfull and they dont cost a lot :thumbup:

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