Suggestions for lump charcoal in Sydney

  • So I’ve done three or four cooks on the WSM since I got that bag of Heatbeads lump charcoal back in August and all were charcoal. After a couple of years with the WSM I’ve made the switch and it’s working well. Have a bag of Heatbeads original brickettes in the garage, now only as backup.

    Problem now is that Big Red Hammer have been out of stock for last few weeks with no eta on resupply. Heatbeads still have the 20kg bags of lump listed on their website but not the hammer. :shrug:

    Can any Sydney based members recommend somewhere, preferably in the south, that I can source lump charcoal? Also open to suggestions as to others too, but mindful of freight costs.

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  • This charcoal is getting some great feedback about the traps.

    They may have additional retailers.....check with the HO.

    Stockists - Charcoal Kings

    Note for anyone interested.....they are seeking distributors.

    I have no affiliation with them.

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  • Emberpack has good reviews and is a member of this forum so I'd be buying from him if possible.

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  • Here's some of my previous posts which may help.

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