Beef ribs moJoe

  • Sunny and glorious day down here in Tassie and so thought I'd set up for a long slow ribs cook while we worked in the garden. Put these guys on this morning and pretty well sat them there the whole day at 120C, spritzing them every couple of hours. Sauced and wrapped them for the last hour to bring the inner temp right up to 95C, then rested and had with rice / peas / asparagus (yep - asparagus with everything at the moment heh heh).

    The smell of beef ribs cooking while you do the gardening is nothing short of sensational. In the end they were on from 09:00 - 18:00

    Used a mix of the drippings (fat scoped off and turfed out), sine and BBQ sauce and reduced it on the stove to make a thick sticky gravy with them.

    Pretty happy. But next time I'm going to do them just with salt and pepper and then finish with sauce and whack them back on the grill to make them properly sticky.

    Hope all your Sunday's went as well as this one here!


    Super smokey start....

    Sometime mid morning - looking good

    Juicy as you like - the finished ribs

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  • They look great, particularly the way they've pulled back off the bone. :thumbup:

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