GMG Daniel Boone for sale.

  • G'day all,

    I have recently 'gifted' myself a Primo oval kamado and it has been decreed that there is not enough room for both the GMG and the Primo, so I'm putting the GMG up for sale.

    I bought this new in 2017 and it has performed faultlessly apart from one hiccup as per this thread.

    Stalled cook

    Since that happened, I have been in touch with Hark and it was diagnosed as a firmware issue. I have updated the firmware and it has performed faultlessly ever since.

    Like anything with a computer, it can have the occasional hiccup.

    As a side note, Hark (who import GMG) are excellent with their after sales service and are always happy to help out.

    Anyhoo, back to the beast in question. I am looking for $1000 for it. That's a bit expensive, I hear you say, but wait there's more.

    I will include with the sale the following items:

    - A protective cover from the newer Prime model, which is a bit longer than the original one.

    - A thermal cover.

    - A folding front shelf and brackets (which I have replaced with a custom folding aluminium shelf), but it would easily convert into a second grilling shelf.

    - 10 x 10kg unopened bags of Smokin brand southern hardwood pellets. These pellets retail for $33 a bag, so in effect you're getting the GMG for $670.

    The inside is a bit grubby, but it's been well looked after and always covered. I will give it a thorough cleaning before selling it of course.

    This package has everything you need to become a BBQing legend of your own house, all you need is a power point.

    Pick up from Batemans Bay (south coast NSW).

    This weighs about 70kgs, so you'll need a ute or a trailer. I'll assist with loading. The legs can be removed to make it a bit more compact.

    This has not been advertised anywhere else yet and if it was to be, I would not be including the pellets in the price. This is an exclusive to this forum sale.

    If you have any questions or would like some more pics, send a message through this site.

    Thanks for looking,


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  • Good pick up for someone.

    Good luck with the sale and how about a post with some info on the Primo ? :)

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