Cooking a steak with a toaster

  • Jordan Flom shows how to cook steak in a toaster.

    When he was going to college in the US in Minnesota in the winter it was too cold to go outside to grill. So they worked out how to cook steak using a toaster.

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  • When I was a teenager I used to butter the bread before toasting. Gave a great result as the butter soaked in and it toasted golden. This was till one day the dripping butter built up a bit much and there were flames coming out the toaster and the overhead cupboard above got a bit torched.

    Luckily it was spotted before the house went up. Once Mum found out what I had been doing that was my last piece of toast done that way.

    So if you cook steak this way....... stuff it, I'm off to have some toast, my house, my toaster now.

    hmmm, garlic butter?

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