bbqsg black friday - dragon and joe on sale

  • I had a look at the Prosmoke Dragon the other day and it looks like the quality has dropped compared to when they just called Dragon. The lid hinge is really flimsy now and the lid has lots of left/right play.

  • yeah. I may eventually get something like the small asmoke for camping outside of the fire season, but first the ziggy portable. It's a must over the summer and flexible too - it can take a wok which convinced the missus.

    There's no rush. I can borrow a Nexgrill gasser from work until the Ziggy goes on sale. Bulkier but still possible.

  • Yep noted regarding the Gasser and fire bans.

    I am going up to the Sunshine coast with the Missus next week and she said to me.

    "Make sure you bring a BBQ along". I was initially shocked :shock: and said sure I will take the Jr.

    she said we have a balcony and if we go to the beach for the day etc.... lets see how all this works out :D

    Enjoy your "Q"

    Primo XL, GMG Davy Crockett, Akorn Jr and Ziggy Portable.

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