Test Run ===== Skillet Roasted Broccoli and Sausage with Polenta

  • I was looking for Polenta recipe and tripped over this one. Seems like it's screaming for a belt in a BBQ which we'll do next round.

    We use the normal polenta but this recipe was after the instant variety. Have to say that it has much of a corn taste and smell than the usual one we use.

    We made it as per recipe but cut back a bit on the veg as we're only feeding the 2 of us. We dug a couple of snags out of the freezer, 3 pork and apple and couple of Cons home made chicken ones. Was pretty impressed with how it came out. The polenta stayed quite soft and was the tasiest that we've had by a long shot. If you like this sort of food give it a go.

    There's a pic of the instant polenta we used, came from Woolies.

    Cheers, Wayne

    Here's the recipe...... https://www.countrycleaver.com…sausage-with-polenta.html

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