Monro Gas Pizza Oven (Ooni Koda 12 clone/knockoff)

  • Well, my first pizza I felt was a fail, but my sister-in-law loved it. I hadn't heated the stone up enough for it. I had turned the dial all the way, which actually reduces the flame. Once I realised that, put the dial to the correct position and waited for it to heat all the way it was much more successful. I have to admit the pre-made bases went over well and everyone ate every last piece of pizza. My brother ate two whole pizzas.

    All the warnings in the documentation about the extreme heat coming off the oven are well and truly overkill. At full temperature you can touch the outside of it with your bare hand without getting burnt.

  • Glad it worked out Alan. The first cook is always new territory. A bit of experience and you can step it up. We have some pretty good pizza guys here which above what I mentioned will give you better advice than I can. Keep it up, this hobby is a fun one :thumbup:

  • Glad it worked out well. 2 pizzas to himself, good effort.

    Sorry, but someone had to say it 8)


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