Pork Ribs again - I think I've nailed the method

  • After a successful rib cook a short time back (see previous thread in this section), I wanted to try it again so I bought two beautiful slabs (900g each) of meaty ribs from Meatsmith Specialty Butchers.

    The first rule is to find the meatiest ribs you can. It's not easy as most butchers cut them so that the only meat is between the bones and I've never had a lot of success cooking those. You need meat above the bone as well and Costco or Aldi sometimes have them, or talk to your local butcher. In Melbourne, take a trip to Meatsmith, they are sensational.

    I like mine falling off the bone so here's what I do.

    My Method

    Give the ribs a dust with your favourite rub at least a couple of hours before cooking. I don't over do the rub, just a light/medium coating.


    1. Cook indirect at about 230-240f with some juice in a pan below the meat for 2 hours. Spritz with apple cider vinegar (or apple juice if vinegar isn't your thing) after one hour. The meat should be around be around 150f at this point. If not keep cooking until it is.


    2. Spritz them again and wrap each slab separately and tightly in foil (heavy duty foil may be needed to stop the bones penetrating the foil), adding about 1/3 cup of your choice of BBQ sauce and apple cider vinegar mix to the foil packet. Splash it all over the meat as you pour it in.

    3. Put the ribs back in the cooker and increase pit temp to 280-300f and cook for 90 minutes.

    4. Remove from foil but take care, they should be falling apart at this stage. Long tongs help here. Baste with your favourite BBQ sauce/glaze and put them back in the cooker for 5 minutes.

    Serve and eat.


    Note: Our dinner guests were late so after stage 3 above, I had no choice but to take them out of the cooker and leave them sitting in the foil and resting for about an hour before removing the foil and going to stage 4. It didn't effect them at all so you can adjust your timing at this point. Maybe it even helped ?

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  • Impressive meat. Great job Gumb :yum)

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  • I like these hotter and shorter cooks too.

    I don’t use the 3-2-1 method either, even at lower temps the last hour of unwrapped cooking seems unnecessary past the first 5 minutes to set the sauce.

    Those are some really nice meaty ribs! I don’t do pork often because of the lack of meat. I’m half tempted to have a go at butchering some from pork belly as someone on here wrote about and giving your method a go!

    Great work.

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