Smokin Stone Repairs

  • My Akorn Smokin stone (deflector has a crack in it. Currently it is still holding together, but it's going to fall apart at some point. Is there anything I can do to try to hold it together so that I can use this one longer before it actually breaks?

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  • You could try this to stick it back together if it breaks.

    It may stay as it is for years though.

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  • I would save your money and replace the deflector with a Weber Kettle grill and a cast iron pizza pan.

    I used to replace the Akorn deflector and now have saved heaps with the grill and pizza set-up.

  • I've seen blokes drill each side of the crack and lace it up with wire.

    Wouldn't using a masonry bit on that finish it off? :shrug:

    Although on further thought you could get away with a small bit, just big enough for the wire, I've never used a small masonry bit, don't even know what they go down too?

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  • You can buy small diamond head drill

    Bits for drilling ceramic tiles and such. The smallest SDS masonry bit for a hammer drill I’ve seen is 5mm , - just don’t have the hammer on when drilling it.

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  • Mine has been like that for well over a year or more including extreme temps. Not fallen apart yet and I would suggest you leave it alone.

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  • Thanks guys. I think I'll leave it until it actually falls apart then. And consider either the high temp cement or the cast iron pan option.

    Chargriller Akorn Kamado | 57cm Weber Kettle | 47cm Weber Kettle (for camping)

  • There's also a stainless steel drip pan/deflector made for the akorn jr that I got a while back. I think it was only $30 at the time and it works really well.

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