Things you've scored from the rubbish dump

  • So today I went to my local tip to drop off a heap of xmas packaging and an old bar fridge that had shat the tin. While unloading the bar fridge, in amongst the fridges I spotted a glimpse of stainless steel that looked like it didnt belong there. Turns out it was a commercial grade Waldorf 3 burner hotplate on a stand.

    After checking all the burners were intact I dragged the tip guy over to see how much he wanted for it. $10 bucks was the asking price, so onto the back of the ute it went.

    It needs a cleanup, and looks like I will need to do some thinking how I will adapt the 3/4" mains gas delivery to gas bottles, but I think its a score. Shes an oldy, but a new Waldorf 3 burner on a stand is in the $10k range!

    Second pic is a dollar coin reference pic, to show the 10 or 12 mm thick plate on it.

    What else have you guys found at the tip? Im sure everyone has a story!

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  • That’s a great pickup. My tip doesn’t have that style of setup in terms of being able to see what they have salvaged.

    Enjoy your "Q"

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  • Same as Jimmy here. Last time I was at the tip all I could see was giant piles of rubbish.

    I've rescued a nice weber one touch kettle from the roadside though.

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  • Dad rescued a weber classic from the roadside, then just didn't use it. A few years later I asked him to give it to me instead of letting it collect dust. He agreed but by his next visit he'd changed his mind and gifted me a jumbuck kettle instead.

    I (quite literally) wore that little thing out in a year, and that's how my charcoal obsession began. With a roadside freebie that never got used?

  • Went & took my old gasser to the tip over the break & while dumping that on the pile the old man spied 2 used oil bottles that he really wanted. So that was dads big score from the tip. 2 engine oil bottles to reused to pour chlorine into the pool.

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