New year resolutions

  • Happy new year everyone (I hope anyway)

    Generally speaking, I'm not into the concept of resolutions, at least as most people seem to make them.

    Eat healthier. Drink less. Exercise more. Eh. There's no clear goals to achieve so they'll (nearly) always fail.

    That said a list of easy things to tick off is a great idea I reckon. So here goes:

    1. Finally give curing a go
      1. Bacon
      2. Ham
      3. Lamb ham
    2. Oyster blade > then brisket. Not sure why I've dragged my feet with these
    3. Beef ribs. My wife does an amazing stew with these so I've never gotten around to smoking them, but they looked incredible in someone's cook here recently
    4. Sausages (with the end goal of making Sichuan sausages, which are kind of chorizo-like but with a significant percentage being Sichuan pepper). Not available in Australia so worth the effort
    5. Biltong
    6. Sous vide

    Now, 4/5/6 require buying/making equipment, but aside from those there's nothing stopping me from just doing them.

    Anyone else got a list?

  • I'm going to go with the generic resolutions that don't work:

    1) cook more pizza

    2) eat less carbs


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  • Eat healthier. Drink less. Exercise more.

    Pretty much this, wish me luck.

    Finish my BBQ bar.

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  • I’m going to keep my BBQs clean !

    Then again, on second thoughts, no I’m not. 8o

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  • I have a feeling you would like home-made pastrami which is super easy.

    Biltong you can make with a cardboard box, bamboo skewers and a little desk fan. Very little equipment needed.

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