Heat Beads Lump Charcoal 10kg bag now available

  • I wonder if the recent stock issues with the lack of 20kg HB lump was due to them getting ready to supply the 10kg lump?

    There was a new display at the Hardware and General hardware store with the 10kg bags for $35.

    Mitre 10 is selling the HB 10kg bag for $45 and BCF is selling a 9.5kg bag for $46.

    I think the HB 20kg bag at Bunnies is now $55.

  • Ouch. That’s a lot more than I paid for a new 20kg bag not that long ago. A sign of things to come ? I hope not.

    I might get down to Aussie BBQ Smoke and fill the trailer with some of his red gum lump.

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  • I bought the 18kg pro smoke lump from bbqsg, which is almost the same price (3c cheaper).
    I only bring it up because I like it more than the heat beads lump that I just ran out of. A lot less black smoke while lighting it.

    That's the 18kg bag specifically though (seems the smaller size bags are cheaper per kg and are different. They specifically say South African acacia, while the 18kg bag doesn't specify, but is a different bag and seems to be similar sized branches all stacked neatly, in a slab.

    Next time I'll try the emberpak stuff. I had to restock 2 days before Christmas so I took the convenient option.

  • Big Red hammer's stock is all over the place. Some places have heat beads on their website, but not stock. Same for Everdure 20Kg bags. Not happy about prices going up but I guess it's supply and demand.

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  • Has anyone ever tried making their own lump? I havent heard of many people doing it bbq wise, i think its more common in the blacksmithing scene

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  • What's involved? I know that in the old days it involved shoveling dirt onto a fire for several days. I assume it's done in commercial kilns in modern times though.

  • you can make it in a paint tin, a clean one

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  • Thats exactly the technique Ive seen, but using 20L oil drums to put splits of Jarrah in.

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