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  • Hi, I'm doing a project for school in which I have to create a barbecue that stops the smoke from being inhaled so much by the people around the barbecue. And it would be extremely helpful if you could fill out this <survey>, Thanks so much.

    What the barbecue idea is:


    (In the preview the sides are cut off but the link shows the full picture

    Thanks again,


    Edit: I forgot to put in that it is supposed to be small and portable. The main barbecue body would be around 32cm.

  • To be honest, the pictures do not give me enough info to give constructive feedback. Or maybe a better way to say it is, I can't understand the photos and drawings, maybe if the were individual or bigger!

    Or, the other possibility is I am to stupid to understand what I am looking at!

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  • Is this for D&T?

    Can you perhaps put up the design brief?

    Are you intending to make this bbq?

    As has been said already, can you take an individual pic of each image and annotation so it can be seen more clearly?

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  • I can't see how this keeps the smoke away from people?

    Yes it has a chimney but that will only work when the lid and access panels are closed and would need to be the correct length to work.

    I think Fire Management is the solution that is needed.

    Make it so the fire is smokeless.

    look up Smokeless Fire Pit and/or Rocket Stove, both these are used in developing countries where people cook inside huts and have a high mortality from breathing the fumes of a traditional "Three Stone" fire

  • I'm wondering how high the chimney should be to keep the smoke away. Isn't it better to take a look at smokeless fire pits etc? There are a lot of DIY projects and it's easy to take care of and serve it. It's easy to clean it especially if you avoid it by using special covers like these.

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