Hello from Melbourne

  • Hi all,

    Long time lurker here but finally at a point where I want to step things up with the hobby.

    A long time ago I was right into body building and looking to compete, and as you'd expect the food choices become quite limited with what coaches and trainers set out for you when you are chasing those last couple of kg to get stage ready.

    During that time I really focussed on how to make delicious food that I'd want to eat all the time that also fit the then diet but also how to prep things in ways that are easy, require minimum effort and are easily repeatable. Fast forward to many years later and it's something I still love doing, however the diet is a lot more relaxed now 8o

    During covid I picked up beer brewing and got into curing meats, mostly bacon, hams and chicken breasts and so far I've been super pleased with the results. I currently have a cheap 6 burner gasser, a Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 that I use pretty religiously and a Coolabah/Hark single door gas smoker with a smokai fitted for hot/cold smoking. I have heaps of other bits and pieces in the house that I use too like sousvides, deli slicers, vac chambers etc.

    I hope I can contribute back what I've learnt a long the way to you all and continue to learn from the great people on the forum!

    The first step is to find a replacement for that little gas smoker! I'll put up another thread about that.



  • Welcome aboard Adz, you'll fit right in here. Don't forget that we love to see pics.

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  • Welcome!!

    When I saw your username, I assumed you were a spambot hell-bent on delivering "Big Ad's" but after reading about your bodybuilding, it's making more sense :D :D :D :D

    Great backstory, thx for sharing it.

  • Welcome aboard.

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  • Gday mate -

    Never enough BBQ

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  • Welcome to SF&F... :cheers: .

    I have some gear for sale (Cheap) that may suit your needs.......sent you a PM.

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