Go Anywhere 20% off ($111 with free shipping)

  • Look what I just scored on eBay.

    Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Black BBQ - Portable BBQ Grill for Outdoor Cooking | eBay
    Perfect Charcoal Grilling on the move: The ultimate in hibachi style cooking, this portable charcoal BBQ provides perfectly grilled steaks or satays over…

    Look for the button that says “take 20% off this item”. Click it and you’ll get the voucher code.

    Voucher code is SAVE20A

    They refresh stock when they sell out, they put 10 or so up at a time during business hours. So if not there just try later I guess.

    Local Weber stores won’t price match, I tried.

  • It’s arrived! Assembled sans handles as I wait for the flash wooden ones! Got some American cherry ones, can’t wIt to see them. Also ordered a PVC bag for travelling.

    Will cut grille in half during the week for better packing and looking for a reasonably priced folding chimney.

    Spoke to the bloke in the uk who make the folding riser, shippings is more than the product so holding off. Apparently he is appointing an agent for local manufacture in Au/NZ in the next month, so I’m waiting for that to happen before I buy one.

    Now to decide what the first cook should be? Maybe picanha?

  • I love my GA. I don't use it as a portable BBQ but for quick weeknight cooks. I chopped up the cast iron grills from my old gasser to fit. works a treat for steaks, just cant put the lid on to seal properly because I haven't cut the tabs in but i just pull the grate out when finished to put it out.

    20" Reverse flow Offset, Weber GA, Weber kettle

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