Roast Duck

  • Tonight's cook was my wife's experiment. I just handled the bbq and otherwise did as instructed. She dry brined it, inside and out, with salt and five-spice. The beer can chook stand has no liquid in it; it's just being used to hold the bird upright.

    Then today, she asked me to roast it at 200C in the bbq until cooked. Which I figured was 74C most places and preferably only 70C for the breast. That seemed like it would be tricky, which is why I left it on the stainless steel "can" without any liquid. I was hoping contact with the metal would encourage the darker half the cook a bit quicker than the breast. The temp stabilised at 180C and I was having trouble getting it higher, but the smoke had gone from white to blue so I put it in.

    Here's where it gets weird.

    45 mins later I pop the lid to rotate it and put a probe in, and it was already cooked. The breast was 71C. A 2kg bird in 45 mins?

    It was yum, the breast a tad overdone maybe, but still juicy. The fat hadn't rendered well though - I've since learned I should have used air to separate the skin from the meat, or to poke loads of holes in the skin. The cherry smoke was really prominent in the skin/fat, but not the meat, which does make sense.

    We've never done whole duck before, and I'm going to try again in a couple of weeks, but try it my way instead. I'm ordering a hanger thingy from Urbangriller and will try hanging over open coals instead of indirect like today. I think it's time I paid Dwayne another visit for a couple more rubs as well, and see if he can suggest something specific for duck.

  • At first I thought it was a chook, then saw the meat and thought that looks like duck. Anyway, pricking the skin really helps to let the fat flow when it renders. I've never had one cook that quickly though, but I cook them a bit lower. I'll sometimes take it out to rest when done, get the komado hot and give it a quick blast to get some heat onto the skin.

    I also cook on the upper rack with a pan under to catch the drippings and fat. Fat can be poured off and used later, dripping make a killer sauce.

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  • Too good to be lost in the What did you cook section so I've moved it here.

    That is quick, although duck can be treated a bit more like a red meat than chicken can. It can be finished at a lower temperature but I think the best is to lower the pit temp and cook it longer so it renders the fat more. Pricking the skin as Wazza said is a good move too.

    Gotta love duck. :thumbup:

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Roast Duck ona stand” to “Roast Duck”.
  • I used an air compressor to separate the skin from the fat. Then Blanche it with mixture of red wine, water, honey and sugar to tighten the skin. Then pierce the skin almost everywhere. I used the temp probe to do this.

    Cook for just over 2 hrs at 150C on the rotisserie

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