Ryans Meats in WA

  • So I've been going to Ryan's Quality Meats ever since we moved to WA (outlets in Jandakot and Bunbury), and they're pretty good, especially for whole primals or portions of the larger primals. I thought I'd mention a couple of things they have that don't seem to be readily available elsewhere:

    • Thick-fleshed pork ribs, which they call St Louis style. These seem to be like the ones that the Americans use, not the thin back ribs that seem to be the rule around here.
    • If you ask, they will supply you a full pork belly including the eye for making bacon. You just need to specify that it's for making bacon.

    Attached some pics of some ribs I picked up the other day.

  • $16.50 / kg with that much meat is a great buy, might just have to look them up next time I'm in the area, thanks for sharing.

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  • Nice! Not only a great price but to get a good cut of pork ribs like that and for them to have meat on them and not be shiners - you need to go back and support those guys!

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  • matty, you bet I support them. The Bunbury factory is 5 minutes away from where I live and they're one of our main meat suppliers, both for day-to-day and for BBQ meats.

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