Matador Lump Charcoal

  • Long story short - Not terrible but not awesome either.

    Bought a box today to throw in the new Weber Goanywhere.

    Haven’t used lump for a few years (I bought a pallet of the coconut based bricks on a clearance years ago and I’m still working my way through it!)

    Billed as “Merbau” made in Indonesia and “non-sparking”.

    Opening it up it’s all pretty big sized stuff. Obviously waste sawn timber, ie from building or furniture making. I’m ok with that. But it’s just too big and needs to be broken down to be useable. Found at least one bit that was not fully charcoal and was still timber. Bigger cross sections than the char grilled stuff. And definitely bigger than local gidgee charcoal we get in QLD.

    As for non-sparking… that’s a load of BS.

    It burned hot and fast and was nice clean smell.

    Overall it’s ok but be prepared to break it up. At least it wasn’t stinky mangrove wood.

    Not sure if I’d buy again but ok in a pinch if prepared to smash it up and decent local stuff not convenient.

    Long and girthy. Note square sections.

    At least one piece not fully converted to charcoal.

  • I don't like that sawn construction timber charcoal. The flat shape of each piece makes it hard to get decent air flow between each bit.

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  • Don’t like it either - won’t use it again

    Never enough BBQ

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  • it's better than jumbuck, so if you're ever desperate...


    The Jumbuck I tried gave off a lot of smoke and left my tiptoptemp manky after one cook. Loads of sparking as well.

    I got a few massive chunks and the rest was a mix.

    I think I will just stick to heat beads after I get through this box.

  • gave off a lot of smoke and left my tiptoptemp manky after one cook.

    That's an interesting point. I got through a full 18kg bag of the prosmoke branch (not the chunks in the smaller bags) and the tip top temp was looking good. Discoloured but not gunky.

    I'm now about 5kg into a bag of heatbeads lump and it needs a clean. I prefer cooking with it though, so that's awkward. I'll have to try and plan ahead and get a bag of something decent next time (I keep leaving it too late and have to get something off a shelf).

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