Bilda’s Weber GA

  • Well I love this little barbecue. what a hidden secret.

    I have a few things I want to mod and accessories I want to get. Thought this might be of interest.

    First Mod - cut the grill and make a offset plate and charcoal tray. an offset plate is around $60 and $30 for a charcoal tray. Plus postage.

    Popped down to my local cheap-cheap shop and found this baking tray and had a go at DIY. Spent less than $10 on these two.

    Finished product first

    Made sure I didn’t get anything with PFTE/nonstick/Teflon coating, PFTE bioaccumulates and also is not for high temps. I won’t use it in cookware and it’s definitely not suitable for contact with charcoal.

    The pan was too tall so it will need to be cut down and the sharp edges hidden with a squash fold. Had a go with simple tools. Hacksaw to cut the grille. Tinsnips and sheet metal vice grips. Used a step drill to make the holes.

    The tray is also close but slightly too big so cut the ends and squash folded, and also folded the sides down to suit. Bent it into a 90 degree upturn.

    The reason to cut the grille is to allow it to sit down against the charcoal tray when packing in order to get more room for accessories :) or charcoal etc when travelling. It also allows the grille to be slid back and forward during the cook and also new coals added.

    This was a great mod.

  • Looks great Bilda - lots of thought put into it.

    Well done 👍🏼

    Never enough BBQ

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  • Great work. A great little BBQ becomes even better.

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  • Budget mods are the best.

    I cut up an old cast iron grate from a kerbside gasser and reseasoned it.

    Much better than the standard grill supplied, but it doubles the weight of the BBQ!

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  • I mentioned before that I didn’t put the plastic handles on the grille and here is what I was waiting for:

    American Cherry, made to order by a guy on Facebook called “Wood n Handles”. Took a week to make and soak in oil then shipped from WA. He makes them in a heap of different timber options including Aussie and imported species and gives choice of laser engraving.

    A perfect fit.

    I thought the little vent handles were a bit over the top but now I have them they are brilliant. When closed they tuck up to the top handle and they make adjusting the vents easy when the lid is hot.

    The wood handles are nice and cool to touch. Even at full heat.

    I’m stoked with the handles. Expensive but so happy with them.

    Now that handles are sorted I have a special item coming soon… a chimney…. Can’t wait to get that and add to the kit.

  • Need to make yourself a cast iron grill for it. I just cut up mine from my old gasser as I never used the grill plate. pretty sure you can buy new ones for $20 at Bunnings & just cut it to size with a grinder.

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  • So I read a post on here from a few years ago recommending the CampMaid folding chimney that HeatBead were distributing at the time. Well I emailed them to see if they still had them and…. ta-da…. They found their very last one in a cupboard and sent it to me gratis. What a wonderful customer service, great Aussie company. Great little chimney.

    I also found a little flat bbq spatula at a cheapie shop (for the grand price of $4.95). It perfect size for the GA.

    And I like using timber to scrape the grill. I’ve cut down a bamboo spatula to fit into the GA and filed a couple of notches at the right bar spacing. We’ll see how it lasts, if not I’ll rip down a piece of ironbark. Another $2 purchase.

    And finally I got one of these little jet lighters from Ali. $2.95.

    It’s all coming together as a good little travel kit.

    Next step… a bag. Got a Aussie-made PVC one on order.

  • Really happy with this bag I got from Outcamp, Aussie made and PVC so waterproof (and should keep the odours in when packed into the car).

    Nice quality and fit. It’s made specifically for the GA.

    Came from this mob, $80 and I think it’s good value.

    Carry Bag to suit the Weber Go Anywhere
    Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill carry bag. The best and cleanest way to transport your Weber Go Anywhere in your caravan or car. Satisfaction guarantee.

    The cheaper alternative would have been an Aldi bag or a cheap Chinese made thing and I’m happy to have got something quality that is designed for the purpose.

    Started to add more stuff so it’s all there ready to go when I take it camping. Pretty much have everything self-contained now, add some ziplock bags of charcoal and it’s all sorted.

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