What are you cooking - June

  • Lamb shoulder in the UDS. Just heatbeads and a bit of pecan. Rubbed with Hardcore Carnivore Camo.

    Served as sliders with some fresh tzatziki and cheese.

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  • Sweet Italian & Peperoni. Dough was a 60% hydration, 1000g, 50/50 AP/OO flour, about 650g ball. Estimate is 8 minutes on Memphis Pro at 550°. Tastes pretty good for as charred as it got! About 100g to much dough for me, Was about a minute to long.




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  • Tried my hand at Twiggy/Meat/Beer sticks on Sunday afternoon.

    500gram Beef mince

    500gram Pork sausage meat (Couldn't get pork mince at my local IGA)

    Sachet of Aussie Herb mix (leftover from Hello fresh box)

    Sachet of Smoked Paprika

    1 x Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper (Hot)

    Removed the skin from the sausages and mixed it all up on a bowl on Saturday night and left it in the fridge covered overnight. Used a cake icing gun to line them out on the racks.

    Bought 4 cooling racks from Woolies for $8 each and cut them down to fit in the smoker.

    Set my AS350 to 95degrees and smoked them for 2.5hours. Worked out really well and will definitely be doing more.

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  • Some Beef Short ribs from Woolies.......100 day grain fed.

    Simple SPOG on the ribs then into the Z Grill Mini @107.

    This is a really great piece of kit.

    For the weekend when I could be feeling crap after my first blood transfusion.

    Ziggy Trpl. ....Z Grill 700E and the New MINI.....Aldi & Camp Chef Gassers... Camp Chef cast iron.....Thermoworks Smoke.

  • Looks fantastic. Beers and beersticks at your place then?

    Certainly. And with Bacchus Brewery not far, there are good beers as well. I will need to make some more though as they are not lasting long in the fridge. My daughters keep eating them.

    Used to own: Beefeater 5 Burner BBQ, Weber Baby Q. Currently own: CharGriller Double Play with side fire box as offset, Asmoke AS350

  • No kids sports today so ribs on the offset.

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  • Onions

    Bespoke Costco artisnal burgers home crafted from some factory where "home crafted" also mean "extruded'

    Black stuff on the top is the onion, black stuff on the bottom is the patty, yellow stuff is the "burger cheese" aka extruded dairy rectal byproduct, the green and red stuff are anathema

  • Wow lettuce on a burger !! Livin it up 😂

    Never enough BBQ

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