Chorizo baked beans and eggs in the Weber GA

  • First up the finished product.

    Mrs Bilda requested baked eggs and found me a recipe on Taste. But didn’t have cumin, forgot the bay leaf and used cannelloni not the other type of beans. And added mushrooms that needed using.

    Turned out pretty good.

    Prepped up everything

    Then just grilled it all on the flat griddle while I heated the prawn pots under.

    Fried up the chorizo, bacon, onion and garlic first, followed by the mushrooms. Then dumped the fresh tomatoes and drained beans on top with some rosemary sprigs.

    When it came time to add the wet stuff (golden syrup, black sauce and canned tomatoes) I just grabbed a mixing bowl and added the grilled items to it and stirred the sauce through.

    Then spooned them into the hot prawn pots, forming a little hollow for the eggs.

    Cracked the the eggs straight in, chopped a bit of the rosemary sprig to stick in with them and then left the pots uncovered but put the Weber lid on. Left for 20 minutes to allow eggs to gel.

    I was worried they would stick on the bottom but they did not at all.

    Topped with avo, salt and pepper and some chilli flakes.

    A very lovely dish on a cool morning. Going to do this one again.

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