Ambient Temp Checking (Meater or lid mount thermometer)

  • Gidday folks, first post here so hello to you all.

    Quick question, i recently bought an older Weber kettle so i could have a bit of a play with some charcoal cooking but without a lid mount thermometer . The Mrs being her loving self bought me a Meater thermometer to use when im cooking. The Meater has been great thus far and had some really good results, the only thing i don't like is that I can't tell what the ambient is before i put the meat inside. The only way i can see to get around this is to install either a lid mounted thermometer which appears easy enough or maybe stick the Meater into a potato or something to protect the internal sensors whilst reading the ambient, then transfer to the meat once im satisfied that the temp has stabilised.

    Anyone else got any better ideas, specifically those who use the Meater as well.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Ideally you need to be able to keep an eye on it while cooking too.

    A lid thermometer will do that. Or any cheap probe with a wire back to a base station, and yes use a potato or onion to hold it off the grill.

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  • I did this and it works great

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  • The manlaw thermometer I added to my kamado is excellent.. sadly the latest models don’t fit the Akron anymore but should fit a kettle no probs :)

    And it is in good conformance with the various probe thermometers I use. I’d personally just put in a lid thermometer.

  • If you do fit a lid thermometer, best to put a couple of layers of masking tape where you're going to drill a hole so that you won't crack the porcelin enamel on the lid.

    Even if the lid isn't in the best condition, it's still best to tape anywhere you want to drill as the enamel can start flaking off and/ or it could start rusting underneath.

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