Snake with lump charcoal

  • gidday folks, can you use the snake method with lump to cook a lamb shoulder over 4 or so hours or should I just indirect in the charcoal baskets and top up if needed? Just not sure how long you get outa the baskets? I assume you can load em up and keep the bottom vents mostly closed to slow the temp down? Thank you. :cheers:

  • If you want to do the snake (and I'm assuming we are talking a Weber kettle?) then you need to use chracoal briquettes like Heat Beads or Hot Shots. They will burn better as they have more contact with the next in line and the fuse will work. Lump charcoal isn't a uniform shape so getting the fuse right isn't easy and it is more likely to go out along the way.

    You could use the Minion method in one basket but I think they'll catch too quickly and you might find the temp goes up too far.

    We had a thread going in here recently along similar lines.

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