• Hi Im Dave from Raymond Terrace,

    Japanese Kamado

    Radar hill offset

    ancient Tucker gasser

    Hasty-Bake on the water from Tulsa.

    I prefer charcoal and it looks like some of you do also, sounds good to me .

    also like fermenting beer sourdough chillies


  • Welcome mate, also a big fan of charcoal and would love to see your work on the Radar Hill!

    weber performer, weber compact with gas conversion, napoleon rodeo, pro q 20", PBC, ziggy portable, ozpig with rotisserie, pro smoke offset, pit boss mini kamado, asmoke portable, master built 560.

  • G'day dave, idk where Raymond Terrace is, but if it's anywhere near where Ray from Mr Inbetween lives, you must be a solid bloke.

    I have never heard of a Radar Hill before (apart from generic antennae installations upon elevated geographical locations), so thank you for introducing yet another new thing into my already overtaxed yet gloriously resilient brain.

  • Welcome aboard, nice smoker.

    Big Green Egg - Asmoke Pellet Grill - Weber Kettle - Maximus Pizza Oven - Dragon Hibachi - Ziggy Portable - baby kamado - Grillz 2 burner - Cobb BBQ - Converted Gas Bottle Spit - Charbroil Grill2go - Anova sous vide - Digi Q controller - plus Tip Top Temp - Smokeware cap - Grill Grates

  • Welcome Guz,

    Great to see another Novacastrian on the forum. I'm originally a Kotara lad.

    Looking forward to seeing you make those smokers deliver....

    I think you'll settle in alright here.


    Weber Performer (Sage) Weber Jumbo Joe (Black) Weber Master Touch Plus (Deep Ocean Blue)

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